AHS Anadolu San. ve Tic. (AHS)

- Model AHS01 - Garden Articulated Tractor



AHS, performing a first in Turkey by implementing entirely Turkish design of articulated garden tractors and began its production. Taking the steps initially with local joint vendors, this project is also supported by the Ministry of Industry under R & D that has been rewarded with incentives. Our compact KARINCA 30 model which is comfortable to drive, 4x4 and target to be joined in the gardens with its advantage of moving on the same wheel projection. Till now we have received positive responses to our tractors and higher HP tractor models will be added into out tractor range. We are proud of seeing a positive attraction against our tractors and we hardly study in order to produce the better models.

Articulated Type

  • Capable of short turning Dia
  • Same wheel projection
  • Continious 4x4
  • Cross power against patenaj in all weather conditions and %100 power transfer

Same Size Wheels

  • Equal wheel projection lenght
  • Open driven scope
  • Wheel Balancing
  • 4 wheel ground touch even in the sloping terrain.
  • Gear Box
  • 6 forward  + 3 reverse


  • Kubota 3 Cylinder
  • Water Cooling
  • Steering
  • Hydrostatic Steering for easy control
  • Double PTO
  • 577 and 879 rpm
  • PTO rotation speed conected to the speed

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