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Model AI MAXI - Bed Former Stone Burier



The bed-former stone burier AI MAXI can create optimal conditions especially in heavy and stony soils which are very difficult to prepare for the sowing or for the transplanting. The good working of this machine is guaranteed by the only rotor which turns backwards and throws the stones and the biggest clods against a steel grate which filters them and buries them under a layer of about 10-20 cm. In this way the soil becomes soft, light and well levelled, without any superficial organic residues. The machine can work on flat ground or it can make beds. It can be used not only in the horticultural field but also in gardens. It is possible to work at the same time with 2 or 3 machines model AI MAXI which are lodged in a collapsible frame model AIRONE complete with wheels. Tractor power: 160/180 HP.

  • Very good preparation of heavy and/or stony soils for the sowing or for the transplanting
  • Modular geological stratification
  • Formation of a draining layer below the ground
  • Formation of a surface made of fine and soft earth to bed out the plants in the best way

  • Fertiliser distributor
  • Insecticide distributor
  • Hydraulic or mechanic roller to make one or more beds
  • Driller to make one or more beds
  • Hydraulic movement of the hydraulic or mechanic roller
  • Hydraulic roller with mulch fi lm layer

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