- Model SE-32 - 400 Gallon North West PTO-Driven Sprayer



Air-O-Fan's SE-32 North West 300 & 400 gallon 'V-tower' sprayers have become popular throughout the United States vineyard growing regions because of the tremendous canopy coverage it achieves. Unlike conventional fan housings, the SE directs all the air and chemical to the canopy for superior coverage reducing drift and expensive chemical waste. Directional air vanes help fine tune your coverage for different canopy heights and trellis designs. The SE model is ideal for hilly terrain and spraying side hills. If you're in severely hilly areas or the row ends are tight with not much room for turning, you need to consider our DK turning hitch option. The DK turning hitch is available on all Air-O-Fan PTO drive sprayer models. The DK turning hitch allows the operator to make tighter turns than a conventional draw-bar hitch and reduces PTO clatter while also utilizing a standard U-joint PTO shaft (NOT A CV SHAFT).

The SE model line is available in two different tank sizes: 300 gallon, & 400 gallon and if your tractor horsepower is limited, take a look at our SE-line vineyard sprayer models with a 30' steel axial flow fan which can be tuned to accommodate a 35 to 40 horse power tractor.

Our DK turning hitch is tried-and-true; designed in 1960, the DK hitch will give you the controlled performance you need to turn those tight corners on steep ground.  The DK hitch utilizes a standard PTO shaft, which means no more costly CV shaft to deal with.  Air-O-Fan has proven its 65-year-old name on performance and the SE-32 400NW is no exception!  Air-O-Fan's heavy duty drive train layout, steel axial flow fan assemblies, and composite nylon adjustable air vanes give all of our product lines the leg-up on spray adjustability, air control, spray nozzle calibrations, air volume discharge, and wind drift control.

  • 400 gallon 304 stainless steel tank
  • 26 GPM / 600 PSI Comet® diaphragm pump
  • 32' diameter, 9-blade axial flow steel fan
  • 2-speed gearbox with neutral
  • Heavy duty constant velocity PTO Shaft
  • Tank drive shaft with rundown clutch
  • 1' 304 stainless steel mechanical agitation
  • Electric inline spray valves w/ electric regulated by-pass
  • 304 stainless steel strainers (fill, suction, delivery)
  • Galvanized fan housing with limb deflection guard
  • Composite nylon adjustable air vanes with specialty valves
  • Teejet® ceramic nozzles
  • 9.50x15' 8-ply ribbed implement tires
  • Heavy duty hubs and spindles with 3 position axle

  • DK turning and 2-point turning hitches
  • Double and single lip swivel hitches
  • 36 GPM / 600 PSI Comet® diaphragm pump
  • Hydraulic and electric control valves
  • 2' and 3' stainless steel fill connections
  • Flow monitoring and rate controlling systems
  • Rear leaf guard

  • Length : 13' 4'
  • Width : 68'
  • Height : 52' (top of tank)
  • Weight : 2,000 pounds
  • Air Velocity : 120 mph (approximate)
  • PTO Horse Power Requirements:  45 - 70

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