- Model MH1500 - Feed Mill Unit



Fresh boost ! Behind this new feed mill, these are 15 years of experience acquired in feed production and in pneumatic conveying associated to current techniques that have served as a basis to design this new range of on-farm feed mill units in an industrial logic. Blender capacity of 1500 kg with a tank in water-drop shape closely to the auger ensuring an inside self washing. Decrease of maintenance operation thanks to the planetary gear motor at shaft end. Optimised pneumatic with a specific cylinder equipped at its base of a tight sealed valve with complete opening. A buffer hopper assures the grinding continuity without disruption. A clean feed mill unit thanks to a self- cleaning cyclofilter. This new generation of feed mill unit meets needs from 2000 to 8000 tonnes per year (throughput rate from 1.5 to 8 tonnes / hour).

Mixer : Horinzontal 1500 kg
Mixing time : 4-6 mn
Mill : Disc Mill – DM6 15-22 kW – type BSE 30-50kW
Loading : pneumatic suction by booster from 9 to 18.5 kW or mechanical auger
Emptying : Pneumatic : rotary valve 3 – 6000 L/h or mechanical : auger, auger + lifter (bucket or chain&flight), conveyor.

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