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The new AIRPro-Tec filtration, developed by Big Dutchman, is a modular PRRS capturing filtration system with integrated cooling for swine buildings. Unlike conventional filtration procedures, AIRPro-Tec operates under positive pressure ventilation, which will not allow any fresh air into the barns without being filtered.

Each filter module basically consists of 3 air purifying phases:

    • The first phase is accomplished by a wind breaking net or mesh to block coarse dirt particles from entering the unit.
    • In the second phase, the air must pass through the actual antimicrobial filter medium that is able to filter out smallest particles such as the PRRS virus.
    • The clean air finally passes through the evaporative cool pad system, which will cool down the air if needed.

AIRPro-Tec filtration units are generally 7.9 feet (2,40m) in width and height, and the total length including the connecting duct is 10.6 feet (3.22m), but alterations are possible.

A small service door on the side of the unit provides easy access into the unit for easy maintenance. The filter units are simply placed on the outside of the building and connected by an air duct with fan and shutter, blowing filtered air into the attic of the house. The airflow is then directed into the house or individual rooms through respective ceiling inlets, while an integrated control unit monitors the system and regulates proper ventilation pressure.

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