Alpego S.p.a.

- Model AS4 POWER SPRINT - Folding Combined Seeders



A breath of fresh air in the world of pneumatic Seed-Drills!Thanks to their experience acquired in the field, Alpego present new state-of-the-art equipment : the Airspeed AS1 and AS4.Combined with the Alpego soil-working machines, they become the ideal instrument for drilling and fertilizing the soil.

  1. Separate hoppers for a better distribution of the weights (patented)
  2. Automatic self loading rear hopper (patented)
  3. No need for front hydraulic or mechanical power linkage
  4. Total hopper capacity 1,550 liters (1,400 liters front + 150 liters rear)
  5. Volumetric rear metering unit close to the coulters
  6. Reduced overall dimensions. Maximum width 2.5 meters

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