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We made The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher even better Why is the new Standard better and what is so new about it? First of all, rest easy knowing that neither the extremely-effective STOP-FYRE agent nor its easy-to-use durable handle has changed. However, our team of inventors is simply never satisfied and, as a result, has created our new patented canister and Fire Extinguisher Cap.

So what’s the big deal?

The United States Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) requires that a canister have a minimum burst strength of 270 psi in order to earn its highest rating of “2Q”. Equivalent governmental transportation entities in both Canada and Europe require a minimum burst strength of 313 psi in order to earn their highest rating of “18-bar”. “24-bar” is the highest rating a canister can earn and only requires a burst strength of 525 psi.

STOP-FYRE has been taken to a whole new level of toughness because our canister, used for both our Standard and High Capacity models, has an average burst strength of 850 psi! The new canister is more than THREE times stronger than what the D.O.T. requires.

Why would anyone, or any company, in their right mind, build a fire extinguisher canister so tough and so far beyond what is required? Why do something bordering on ridiculous?

Because we don’t build STOP-FYRE for the D.O.T. or to meet a minimum standard – WE proudly build STOP-FYRE for you, OUR customer, and farmers are not known for being gentle on their equipment. STOP-FYRE is an American product, built in America for Americans, and is built American-tough!!!

In addition to strength, our new patented canister allows us to mount a fully-recessed pressure gauge in the bottom of all of our Standard and High Capacity units. This pressure gauge, along with the included inspection tag, is necessary in order to satisfy an inspection. This way the inspector can quickly assess that your extinguisher is in working condition.

Each Standard unit also comes with our patented Fire Extinguisher Cap which protects the handle and valve from insects, dirt, and other debris. Now more than ever before, no matter whether you need a fire extinguisher for your farm, ranch, construction equipment, fire department, or home, there simply is no better choice than STOP-FYRE.

Important Note: There’s nothing worse than having more fire than fire extinguisher! Our Standard STOP-FYRE unit is great for pretty much all of your fire extinguisher location needs (e.g. home, shop, barn, machinery, etc.) because it does have THREE times the Fire Fighting Power of our Mini. BUT if having maximum portable Fire Fighting Power is really important to you, then we have the perfect solution for you – our new High Capacity STOP-FYRE unit.

Interesting Fact: About 70% of the handheld units we manufacture are our Standard STOP-FYRE model – primarily because it is so versatile.

Specs = 3” diameter x 12.5” tall x 6” handle width

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