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- Magnesium Lime - Dolomit Fertilizer


Basically the use of AKRA Magnesia is appropriate anywhere. Only in heavier locations of high magnesium contents threre should be switched to AKRA DGC with less magnesium content. Magnesium is not only the central atom in the chlorophyll – it also influences together with calcium the absorption of other nutrients. This can also explain why various other special- and customary fertilizers do not provide the expected effect on the growth of plants. Because only the right quantity of available magnesium enables the assimilation and conversion of other nutrients  – in ionic form as cation (+) und anion (-) – and their transport to the right places respectively their conversion for the creation of various compositions.

Because of an ideal proportion of both nutrients magnesium and calcium in the AKRA Magnesia there is no  'lime-shock'. In no phase will the plant be in a disturbed and growth-inhibitive state.

  • soil- and rootacid soluble
  • not leachable
  • no losses, as in form of carbonate
  • equally effective
  • no acid-treat (burning) of plant cultures
  • boosts soillife
  • boosts clover and subgrasses
  • inhibits sorrel, crowfoot a.s.o.
  • replaces the usual liming
  • continual solving of fixations

  • Application of substances to the land befor the farming of the field on stubbles, on plugged soil or on soil which has not been prepared for sowing yet.
  • There is also the possibility to apply AKRA Magnesia on the plants during their vegetation period (e.g. tillering).

  • loose
  • 1000 kg Big Bag
  • 50 kg sacked

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