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- Model Kombi - Soil Fertilizer


AKRA Kombi is a soil supply free of nitrogen with numerous, plants-physiologically important main- and micronutrients, which consists of 16 different  single components. AKRA Kombi is used like a soil fertilizer from January to December. Because of its graining AKRA Kombi can be used by any manure distributor.

AKRA Kombi increases the vitality of plants populations. Cell walls are better developped, so that the application rate for fungicides and growth regulators can be considerably reduced or even omitted. In areas of drought stress AKRA Kombi helps through a boosted root  development and balanced nutrient supply to overcome this stress period.

Therefore AKRA Kombi enables appreciable cost savings.

  • fixated nutrients are mobilised and stored at plants availability
  • equal and long lasting effect
  • buffering of acids (replaces liming)
  • Preventing of washing out of solved particles
  • boosts the progeny of nitrogen binding bacterias
  • boosts soil organisms and beneficial organism in the soil
  • does not contain any light elusive and light solving particles, which might escape gasiously 

AKRA Kombi mobilises those prresent nutrients in the soil (e.g. P, K, micronutrients) and moreover it keeps  important main- and micronutrients to plant available shape.

Because of its high-silica (SiO2) AKRA Kombi strenghtens the plant tissue. AKRA Kombi improves the soil structure and boost the soillife.

In addition to that, AKRA Kombi with its low phosphate and pottassium content creates a nutrient system, which activates the nutrient flow from the fixed immovable phase.

Primary effect on the plant 
  • improved resistance to desease and pest infestation
  • enhanced stability 
  • strenghtened root development 
  • reduced water consumption 
  • Participation in carbohydrate- and energy metabolism
Secundary effect on the soil
  • enhanced mobilisation of soil phosphate 
  • at light soils: Increase of water-holding capacity 
  • at heavy soils: Increase of pore void volumes 

  • loose
  • 1000 kg Big Bag
  • 500 kg Big Bag
  • 50 kg sacked

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