- Model E 180 TH - Grain Extractor



The present user’s manual describes the functions and components of the AKRON grain extractor model E 180 TH. It gives detailed safety instructions and provides recommendations for its operation, also offering a general maintenance guide for the machine.

General Concepts
The AKRON ® E 180 TH grain extractor has been designed to extract in very short times large volumes of cereal stored in plastic grain bags. The grain extracted, dry and unbroken, is lifted high enough to load any grain transport vehicle.

Operation Principles
The main functions of the machine are described below, as well as the elements used to perform each one of them.

Operating Requirements
Requiring as little human effort as possible is one of the most important premises for the machine’s design, as well as attaining the best possible comfort level for the operator.

A relatively low power tractor, around 80 HP, is required for this machine’s operation. Of this vehicle, both its 540 rpm power take-off (PTO) and its oleo-hydraulic system are used, the former for driving the grain augers and the latter mainly for winding up the grain bag. This way, the tractor’s traction system remains free, which avoids an excessive wear of the clutch.

Special care must be taken not to use a tractor with a power rating far greater than the recommended figure, and the front wheels should be plain, not studded. Pulling a heavier tractor would cause excessive efforts on the extractor’s structure and components.

General Features
Operating capacity 180 ton/hour
Operation Tractor with 80 HP available in its PTO
Tube / Lifting auger Ø 400 mm
Height adjustment Enough to absorb differences in the hitch
Transport position Requires configuration changes

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