- Model 9250 D - Grain Bag Storage System



The AKRON 9250 D represents the first step in the AKRON Grain Bag Storage System. It operates unfolding the bag while loading the grain into it. The operation begins when the grain bag is placed around the AKRON E 9250 D funnel, to start loading the grain. Once the AKRON E 9250 D is properly set, it will perform by itself with minimum operator's monitoring. Loading operation requires a 45 - 70 hp tractor. While the grain is dropped into the hopper, the AKRON E 9250 D will gently accommodate the grain inside the bag at about 8.000 / 9.000 bushels (250 metric tons.) per hour. The complimentary step is the retrieval of grain from the bag.

Unloading Grain Bags

The AKRON Grain Bag Storage System is now complete with the AKRON E 180 TH. By using an exclusive - patented - system the AKRON E 180 TH will roll up the bag while retrieving grain from it and preventing grain spilling.

Unloading operation begins when fixing one end of the Bag around the AKRON E 180 TH roller, to start unloading.

Once the bag has been fixed and the roller speed adjusted, the AKRON E 180 TH is ready to start unloading. Thanks to its exclusive - patented - design, the AKRON E 180 TH will automatically perform with minimum operator's monitoring. Unloading operation requires a 75 hp tractor.

The AKRON E 180 TH will retrieve the grain from the bag at about 5.000 / 6.500 bushels (180 metric tons) per hour.

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