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- Milking Unit with Vacuum Relief



Successful milk production requires constant efforts to improve all areas, from feeding and management through to milking technology. During daily milking, it is particularly important to consider physiological aspects. Quick livestock-friendly milking and healthy teats are essential factors to ensure good health of the udder and a high milking yield.

A vacuum relief provided in the massaging phase improves the condition of the teats significantly. Reduced stress on the tissue positively affects milk yield and health of the udder.

Following years of development work, the AktivPuls milking unit successfully integrates the vacuum relief system in the elastic teat element.

The AktivPuls milking unit can be used in any milking system without any additional effort. In addition, no special pulsation is required.

What are the effects of milking with the AktivPuls milking unit? (scientific paper)

  • Natural vacuum relief provided on the teat in the massaging phase for a better udder health and good milk out.
  • Optimal milk transport from the milking cup into the claw piece through the vent duct in the elastic teat element in direction of flow of the milk.
  • Head nozzle prevents constant vacuum in the head space of the elastic teat element.
  • Largely dry teats

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