Albouy Equipement

Albouy Equipement

- Decromat Swivelling Individual


ALBOUY Equipement offers you Decromat swivelling individual removal of milking clusters in your old or new milking parlour. Turnaround of clusters by metallic arms commanded by pneumatic jacks. Each cluster is equipped with a sealed pushbutton. A luminous indicator displays the progress of milking operation. It allows controlling all the Decromat functions

*Milking at your rhythm, without risk of over-milking.

*An extremely silent transfer system.

*Perfect repositioning of clusters after each change of side.

*A single push button performs all the operations.

*Possibility of commanding the exit of the cows after removing the last cluster (only with Eurostall).

*Automatic resetting of vacuum during a few seconds after removal for dripping off the milk in the teats.

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