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- Model 10 - Air Drill



ALCOR 10 - are designed for seeding grain, small- and average-seeded legumes, as well as other crops similar to grain crops in size and seeding rates, in stubbly, fallow, and cultivated soil, while also ensuring: cultivation and 100% agrestals cutting to sowing depth; simultaneous application of granulated mineral fertilizers into sown rows; strip sowing of crops. for zero tillage soil the height of afterharvesting residues shall not exceed 15 cm; harrowing out of cropped agrestals; crop compaction.

Seeding machine ALCOR 10 are designed for the following seeding techniques:

  • traditional seeding;
  • minimum tillage;
  • zero-tillage.

Seeding machine ALCOR 10 is fit with feeding unit featuring a metal seed and fertilizer hopper 9000 totaling in 9620 liters (dm3). Coils of seeding machines are polyurethane providing an increased service life. The screwed direction of coil teeth provides for continuous flow of seeds and fertilizers.

Seed and fertilizer feeding units are fit with variators providing for smooth control of seeding rates, and greatly simplifying and reducing setup time of the seeding machine.

The fan REM 33 driven by a self-contained diesel engine Lambordini, 24 hp, tank volume 25 liters, or driven by a hydraulic motor, feeds sowing material from the hopper to the working organs. Алькор 7,5 распределительные головкиHorizontal distribution heads, unlike vertical heads, do not require a powerful airflow for transporting the sowing material. This provides additional benefits when sowing heavy seeds of pulse and leguminous crops.

Seeding machines ALCOR are two agricultural devices in one: air seeder + heavy cultivator. After sowing crops, the feeding unit of the seeding machine is disengaged and the cultivator is used as a separate instrument. Seeding machines ALCOR 10 can qualitatively sow from 80 to 120 hectares within a daylight. The strip sowing technique provides each sprout with a 3-4 times larger feeding area power compared to the row sowing technique, which can improve the yield by 3-6 tons per hectare, and achieve a higher quality of grain, including the gluten parameter. The V-shaped sweep (by BELLOTA) is 370 mm wide.

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