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- Model 7,5 - Air Drill



ALCOR 7,5 and ALCOR 10 sowing machines are designed for strip sowing of grain, legume, and other crops using the mini-till and the traditional cultivation techniques.

The operating width of ALCOR machines is 7.3 and 9.8 m. The high performance of ALCOR 7,5 machines makes them an ideal tool for farms with a planted area from 500 to 2,000 ha while ALCOR 10 machines can be used in the areas from 2,000 to 5,000 ha.

ALCOR 7,5 and ALCOR 10 sowing machines are equipped with plastic bins (model 9000) with the total volume of 9,630 liters (5,215 I + 4,415 I).

ALCOR sowing machines perform 5 operations In one pass:

  • tillage and 100% undercutting of weeds in the planting depth;
  • strip seeding at the seeding amounts of 3-450 kg/ha and the sowing strip width of 120-260 mm to a depth of 30-120 mm;
  • application of granular fertilizer to the planted rows at the norm of 25-200 kg/ha;
  • removal of cut weeds and their even distribution over the surface of the field;
  • packing of batches.

Using ALCOR sowing machines with the mini-till technique eliminates the performance of intermediate operations:

  • plowing;
  • pre-sowing treatment.

Seeding Control System
The HELIOS seeding control system manufactured by MONADA NPF allows controlling the process of seeding of each grain tube directly from the tractor cab during sowing.

The strip planting technique

  • The strip planting technique with the strip width of 120-260 mm ensures a 3-4-fold area of nutrition for each sprout and reduces the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers in the early stages of plant development.
  • The A-blades of tools allow stubbling-in with the stubble height of up to 150 mm. The tiller tines overlap is 75 mm.
  • The rammer with rubber rollers ensures an excellent contact between the seeds and the compacted moist bed.
  • This technique allows increasing the yield by 3-6 centners per hectare, achieving a higher quality of grain and reducing the costs in the course of agricultural production.

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