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For over 80 years Rough Brothers has helped commercial growers increase their crop yield. The optimally designed algae greenhouse and controlled environment systems can increase productivity 10 fold compared to outside growing. Since 1932 Rough Brothers has provided the most reliable products and the highest level of service and expertise to our customers. Our experienced sales representatives will help you make the right decisions when deciding what greenhouse prevents contamination and optimizes growth. Our single source solution includes consultation, design, structure, equipment, and construction. Rough Brothers is the only contact you need for the entire algae greenhouse package, make growing algae, duckweed, or other biomass as productive as possible.

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When it comes to a algae greenhouse structure for algae growing, one size definitely does not fit all. Since commercial algae production is grown for a variety of end uses, Rough Brothers customizes your structures to fit your desired application. Your local sales representative will help you select your algae structure and walk your through intricacies of the environmental equipment. Spending time to integrate your environmental systems up front will save money in the long run.

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Rough Brothers Inc. (RBI) has integrated an above grade lagoon into their Algae Greenhouse design. The design was created as an alternative to concrete ponds or excavating below ground ponds. The Rough Brothers greenhouse and lagoon unit can be uniquely designed to your exact specifications. The algae lagoon is engineered from galvanized steel, high density polystyrene and a durable polymer liner. By sourcing the commercial greenhouse and production lagoon together, you will maximize your algae growing space and production efficiency. The Rough Brothers turn-key process of design, manufacturing, equipment integration and installation simplifies the construction process. Since 1932, Rough Brothers has been providing innovative greenhouse, ventilation, and irrigation solutions to the horticultural market. Our experience with greenhouse structures and integrating equipment allows us to design the controlled environment you need to optimize algae growth. Contact your local Rough Brothers Representative today to inquire about your integrated Algae Greenhouse.

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Controlled environment agriculture for algae is gaining momentum due to improved yields and reduced contamination. A controlled environment algae facility begins with a greenhouse structure that minimizes the mixing of the inside (controlled) atmosphere with the variable outside (uncontrolled) atmosphere to eliminate contamination. Next, the internal systems work systemically to control the internal humidity, temperature, and CO2 through the use of vents, fans, evaporative cooling, and climate zoning. Lastly, the pH, nutrients, and bacteria are regulated in the water system through fertigation, irrigation, oxygenation, sterilization. Integrating the air, water, and nutrient systems with computer controls allows you to provide exactly what that algae facility needs, resulting in optimized yields.

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