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Excess phosphorus can enter streams, lakes, and oceans due to runoff from cropland irrigated with livestock wastewater, excessive fertilizer use, or untreated wastewater. This can cause large algal blooms, which starve water bodies of oxygen (eutrophication) and destroy ecosystems.

Phosphorus is often regarded as the main cause of eutrophication in lakes. Studies conducted in the Experimental Lakes Area in Ontario have shown a direct correlation between the addition of phosphorus and the rate of eutrophication.
By producing a struvite based fertilizer, Multiform Harvest not only recycles phosphorus, but makes it available as an environmentally friendly fertilizer that does not cause the level of nutrient runoff associated with traditional fertilizers.

The rate of phosphorus added to the natural cycle has increased by four times in recent decades, mainly due to agricultural run-off. Between 1950 and 1995 over 672,000,000 tons of phosphorus were applied to Earth's surface, primarily on croplands.

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