- Model 3050 Flake - Coarse Flake Particle (1.5mm)


Use as: Artemia/Rotifer Enrichment. Live Algae Replacement. Formula Ingredient. Direct Feeding (not recommended).

  • Sound nutritional profile.
  • High percentage of lipids.
  • Extremely high levels of DHA (22:6w3).
  • Good buoyancy characteristics.

Increased Growth & Survival Rates: Nutritionally balanced with amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and more than twice the DHA. 
Significant Reduction in Live Algae Costs : AlgaMac-3050 can partially substitute your live algae production and save up to 80% (Considering reduced labor and overhead requirements for live algae production).
Highest in Omega-3 (DHA) : Ideal for Artemia or Rotifer enrichment in cold or warm water (Rotifers only). You can't find a more powerful diet for increased growth and survival.
Easy To Use : No messy oils. AlgaMac-3050 is a dry, simple to use powder. The spray dried cells display high stability in suspension and maintains excellent water quality characteristics.

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