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AlgeaFood Phyto is the phytocomplexes made with brown Arctic seaweed, rich in high quality natural active elements. The low content of sodium and a balanced intake of fucoidans, alginates, vitamins, minerals and micro elements make AlgeaFood Phyto a great alternative to kitchen salt, helping the body better process fats and facilitating weight control and the achievement of natural well-being. AlgeaFood Phyto can help to boost your product in, reducing waist and abdomen circumference and, moreover, reducing triglycerides level, thus decreasing the risk factors associated with overweight and obesity: clinically tested!

  • Totally natural product
  • GMO and solvent free
  • Ongoing research activity
  • Integrated and controlled process
  • Sustainable harvesting method
  • Certified origin of the raw materials
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Organic certified

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