Alliance Tire Group (ATG)

Alliance Tire Group (ATG)

- Model 342 - Radial Logger Skidders Tires


The new 342 Radial Forestry series includes entire Forestry flotation radial sizes, as well as all relevant sizes for Forestry tractors.Specific, massive and strong, tread pattern enables long tread life, excellent traction; grip, as well as, reliability while working on slopes. The tread pattern is reinforced by small lugs located on the shoulders. These lugs protect the shoulders from side damages done by stones and branches. The tire is steel reinforced under the tread area to prevent punctures during forestry operations. The special solution used in tire sidewall structure enables high stability of forestry tractors, as well as, high tilt angle. The special rubber compounds used for tread and sidewall, promise long and efficient protection from chipping and chunking which are the major obstacles while performing forestry operations.

  1. Recommended rim in red (Bold).
  2. For heavy terrain and 10 km/h the inflation pressure has to be increased by 25%. *HT = High Torque,  *LT= Low Torque.

*Alliance allows for Free Rolling application: Load capacity to be increased by 20%, after increasing the inflation pressure by 20%.

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