Alliance Tire Group (ATG)

- Model 356 - Radial Tire



The Allaince 356 is a radial tire for high power tractors on heavy duty jobs. It enables good traction, less slippage and lower fuel consumption. It also protects fields from soil damage and excessive compaction thus giving riding comfort, long tire life and saves working hours. NSD increased by 10% to 15% as compared to R-1.

  • For stationary service (0 km/h) and speed up to 10 km/h inflation pressure must be increased by 20%.
  • Field dual: 88% of field load,  field triple: 82% of field load.
  • Recommended rim in red.
*Alliance allows for Free Rolling [FR] application: Load capacity to be increased by 20%, after increasing the inflation pressure by 20%.

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