- Model classic 600 and 750 - Tillage Harrow



ALLROUNDER classic - The Universal machine for second pass in stubble and seedbed preparation. The ALLROUNDER due to its high under frame clearance and open tine positioning is no ordinary spring tine harrow rather it is a universal cultivator that can handle most situations. These include:

  • Seedbed preparation after the plough
  • Opening the soil in springtime to speed drying
  • Preparation of sugarbeet ground  
  • Second pass in stubble
  • Incorporating farmyard manure and slurry


Contrary to previous seedbed harrows and stubble cultivators the ALLROUNDER offers a higher under frame clearance of 55 cm (with Mammoth tine).


The hydraulically adjustable levelboards level the soil and take out the tractor wheelings particularly in ploughed ground. 

The vertical following harrow with 13mm tines leaves a fine even finish. The mixing of the straw is improved and clods are further reduced in size. The ground pressure can easily be altered.

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