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Feeding little portions several times a day is important for the calf in order to reach optimal growth rates. It supports also the development of the calf to become a healthy and productive dairy cow.

With the Urban Alma Pro you can combine intensive rearing with labour saving:

  • Welfare oriented feeding – round the clock
  • Intensive feeding / metabolic programming (Many small portions like in nature)
  • Individual feeding
  • Consistent concentration of the milk
  • Consistent temperature of the milk
  • Health monitoring
  • Improvement of the hygiene (of the barn)
  • Labour saving
  • Solutions for small and big herds
Full functionality and alarm function with iPhone, iPad, Android- and Windows- smartphone as well as via PC

With the smart device or PC you can use all the functions of the Urban Alma Pro – from monitoring until adjusting the feeding curves. Thanks to the alarm system you can recognise a suspect calf, even when you are not in the barn.

Request the status of the feeder via SMS and receive an answer directly from the feeder

This request of the status and alarm system via SMS works with any mobile phone.

That’s why: Urban Alma Pro is the way to go

With the Urban Alma Pro, you can customize the amount of work in calf rearing economically, without sacrificing the animal welfare.

Cleaning buckets, mixing portions and transporting milk are tasks that can be saved with the use of an automatic feeder.

Flexibility – independent of feeding times
  • Healthy calves = less calf losses = less costs = more profit
  • Easy use and data retrieval via touchscreen, smartphone or PC
  • Successful Farming: The Urban Alma Pro is an investment, which pays off
Fully automatic cleaning program (standard)
  • All milk carrying parts are protected from flies and dirt
  • Loop system (circulation cleaning): Cleaning takes place without the hassle of plugging in or out any hoses
  • Frequency and duration of cleaning variable as desired
  • 2 detergents (alkaline and acidic) as a standard
Fully automatic teat cleaning (option)
  • Fully automatic teat cleaning after each drinking process
  • Interruption of the pathogen transmission from one calf to the other via the teat.
Calf health at a glance

The Urban Alma Pro knows the individual daily requirement of your calves: Every calf gets exactly the individual entitled amount of milk. You can see how often the animal drank and which quantities did it consume. All relevant data are registered and can be retrieved any time. It also measures the exact remaining milk, if the calf did not drink its total portion. If a calf does not drink enough, the calf feeder Urban Alma Pro will trigger an alarm immediately. That way you can react quickly.

One Urban Alma Pro can feed up to four calves at the same time.
  • Simultaneous supply of four calves at four different drinking stations
  • No waiting times at the drinking station, thus increased machine capacity
  • Simplified teaching, especially when housing larger groups of animals
  • Milk with the correct temperature at every station at the very first mouthful (through circulation of the feed)
  • Encapsulated, frost-resistant supply unit at the drinking station
  • All milk transporting parts and hoses are included in the cleaning
  • Recording of feed consumption up to the exact millilitre, even for remaining quantities

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