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Alpaca Chute & Llama Chute


Our alpaca chutes and llama chutes are extremely functional and well built chutes that are very safe for the alpaca or llama and breeder alike. There are many cheaper chutes available but the features of this chute are well worth the investment. Our alpaca chute or llama chute allows you to work on your animal quickly and effectively. The hinged doors allow easy access to your animal while keeping you and your animal as safe as possible. Quick release head restraint and belly straps and padded neck restraints allow you to stabilize your alpaca/llama. Side panels open to allow access on both sides of the animal. Toe nail trimming can be done by one person now!

Vets love the alpaca chute and llama chute and have recommended it to their clients many times. Now instead of trying hold the bred females steady and catch a glimpse of the ultrasound screen while the vet checks pregnancies, you can be hands free and look at the screen along with the vet. And now my vet will let me look down the speculum at the cervix instead of trying to describe it while I restrain the female.

Our alpaca chute and llama chute's four point quick release head restraint facilitates head and mouth work. The quick release allows for extra safety precautions while working on your animals. The chutes include wheel kits which allow for easy mobility.

The chutes are available with or without a scale. The scale is a great addition to the chute. Breeders can capture the weights while the animal is in the chute for other procedures. Knowing an animal's weight is critical to proper dosing of medications and a good health check particularly on moms and crias.

Chutes come in two different sizes: alpaca and llama. The space in the alpaca chute for a scale is 22 ½' x 48' and accepts our stainless steel platform alpaca scale perfectly. The space in the llama chute for a scale is 22 1/2' x 59”; any of our scales will fit this chute.

We have made a change in the height of the ALPACA chute. We have increased the riser bars seven inches to make it easier for the user to enter into the chute with their animals. This increase will help the user not hit their head on the top of the chute while getting the animal in the chute. This will also allow breeders to use the alpaca chute for work on smaller llamas.

We have made the riser bars now 67' high, and the neck bars 71½' high.

Another change that we have made to the alpaca chute is to the d-ring bars. These are the lower bars that bolt on to the front of the chute. They are designed to hold the head restraint straps in the front of the chute. We have had suggestions to open this up more and create a free space for doing medical work such as blood draws from the neck. We have made d-ring plates(Pics to the left)that serve the same purpose as the d-ring bars. These also bolt into the same holes as the bar would. We do recommend that the users use one of the d-ring bars in the chute. This will help stabilize the chute.

The last change that we have made to the chute is the distance between the neck bars. We noticed that the distance between the two neck bars was narrow. Some larger alpacas had trouble stepping through the two bars. We have widened these two bars by two inches. This will help allow the larger alpacas to step through the front of the chute with greater ease.

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