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- Model KRG 250 - Rear Scraper (Backhoe Loader)



ALP-08 series tractor with backhoe on the rear 3-point linkage system, hydraulic tractor is connected to the rear suspension arm. Done with the easy bolt locking system as well as being connected is done to ensure safe drilling operation.

With the tractor PTO shaft fitted hydraulic pump moves the hydraulic pump provides hydraulic oil pressure and control system allows the movement of the hydraulic oil goes with arms control hydraulic cylinders.

ALP SERIES-08 KRG, the chassis is fixed, usually produced for our customers who work in open spaces and gardens. To reach the widest point of the stabilizer legs and feet provides maximum stability when it is folded in order to bring to the ergonomic dimensions.

They are easy to dismantle fastening systems and allows for practical and easy even for users without experience. tractor during operation to prevent excess load is designed to spread the load leveling feet. Operating system is easy and simple.

ALP-08 SERIES TRACTOR BACK scrapers with appropriate price advantage, is tailor-made for customers seeking excellence.

Aquarius Burst Strength : 2600 kg
Arm Rotation Angle : 180
Pump Capacity : 16 liters
Required System Pressure : 180 bar
Bucket Size : 25/60 cm
Standard bucket Weight Together : 550 kg
Required Tractor Power Hp : 70 hp and above

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