Alparslan Agriculture Inc.

- Model Silver Series - Front Loader



Silver range is from 25 to 45 hp agricultural tractor used in garden-type front loader bucket series.

MONTE subframe ideal distribution of the load on the tractor to the main body through a special connection in terms of design and deterioration of any part sökülme provided by the steering angle is blocked.

SIGNS AND PERNOSU are cylindrical bushings are used in all joints have been selected from the point of overload even wear the bronze. All pins used in the joint point of steel, galvanized steel is manufactured with durable high strength coated corrosion resistant.

Max Lifting Height (A) : 2200 mm.
Max lifting height (floor with Attachment) : 2100 mm.
Discharge Height (B) : 1800 mm.
Max. Transport height angle (A) : 45 deg.
Max. Height relief angle (B) : 55 touching.
Min. Addition Angle in Height : 45 deg.
Attachment Floor Breakout Capacity : 750 Kg.
Max. Capacity at Height : 775 Kg.
Attachment Balancing System : Mechanical
Anti-Shock System : Optional
Joystick control system : Standard
Moving Attachment Hydraulic Valve : Optional
Quick Attachment Dismounting Adapter : Standard
Front Loader Weight : 200 Kg.
Grekl Tractor Power Ranges : 25-40 Hp.

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