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- Slider Frame Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill



ALP-05 Sliding Chassis Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill engaged in all kinds of planting the seeds of the desired spacing and row spacing of planting and versatile machine. Without having to make any assembly and disassembly with a single tap, you can do as you wish with planting the seed drill intervals can be set in a few minutes. Search for your machine as 45 cm to 70 cm can be set to any size you need to or, owing to the sliding chassis can open and close instantly. If the current ax and disc model with all the features of seeder machines can be used as fertilizer desired system. ALP-05 Sliding Chassis pneumatic precision sowing machines can be manufactured in sequence 4-5-6-8. Long-lasting hydraulic control frame rails they run quietly and without vibration. eklenilerek different accessories can be used according to need. When the high operating speed and performance saving and high efficiency.

ALP-05 Sliding Chassis Pneumatic Precision Seed Drills, the amount of fertilizer that could need and is capable of high-capacity longer break from planting fertilizer and seed stores.

cultivator discs are manufactured by laser technology is manufactured from stainless steel. be forwarded to the planter unit is provided with a motion from the wheel shaft mechanism can be made more precise planting. In terms of the structure of manufacturing and construction it is standard.

ALP-05 Sliding Chassis Pneumatic Precision Seed Drills are responding to expectations for ease of use, robust and convenient machine.

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