Model ALPINE Double-OK - Liquid Fertilizer



ALPINE Double-OK™ liquid fertilizer is manufactured by utilizing quality raw materials and can maximize plant nutrient solubility and minimizes corrosion, while providing good cold weather storage and plant safety when utilized as recommended. ALPINE Double-OK™ fertilizer can be used side-dressed, and used as a foliar at recommended rates. ALPINE Double-OK™ liquid fertilizer can be side-dressed with 28% or 32% UAN or side-dressed by itself to provide potassium at the critical growth stage when soil uptake is limited. ALPINE staged foliar nutrition products can provide the nutritional requirements to the plants either alone or in combination with other ALPINE products to deliver the required balanced nutrition that is determined by soil and tissue tests. Foliar nutrition can make a good crop even better or it can supply a deficient, stressed crop the proper nutrients for a quick recovery.

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