Model ALPINE K-Thio - Liquid Fertilizer



Foliar feeding is one of the most efficient methods of supplying nutrients during critical growing stages. ALPINE staged foliar nutrition products can provide the nutritional requirements to the plants either alone or in combination with other ALPINE products to deliver the required balanced nutrition that is determined by soil and tissue tests. Foliar nutrition can make a good crop even better or it can supply a deficient, stressed crop the proper nutrients for a quick recovery.

ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer provides the plants with additional potassium and sulfur. Potassium contributes to grain quality, helps prevent lodging and increases plant disease resistance.

Sulfur is a key constituent of plant proteins and is involved in the synthesis of oil in oilseed crops. A proper balance of N:S is important since a high N content with insufficient S will lead to insufficient protein production. Application timing is usually done in conjunction with the application of crop protection products which result in application cost savings and efficient use of the grower’s time and resources.

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