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- Model 300 - Harvester


Now you can make your Alstor 8x8 to a thinning harvester. Alstor new harvester load-concept can be applied at all Alstor models. Within seconds you can change your forwarders to aneffective thinning harvester. In this load- concept, we have fitted the well known and robust processor Hypro 300.

Hypro 300 have feed wheel motor in the bottom roller. The machine operates with three feed wheels which gives it considerable elevated feed force. The machine has load sensing valve , which offers smooth handling and the ability to flow control without using strypfunktioner . 

With Alstor 300 harvester, you can now use your machine to do the job in all types of thinning with dimensions up to 30 cm. This machine gives you a good economy thanks to high efficiency and above all very low maintenance costs.

  • Weight: 950kg
  • Feed speed: 3 m / sec
  • Tilt angle: 40 °
  • Pivotability: 220 °
  • Engine: 4 cyl diesel
  • Power engine: 49 hp
  • Pump: 35 cc
  • Flow: 90 L / min
  • Hydraulic pressure: 210 bar
  • Fuel tank: 30 L
  • Hydraulic Tank: 70 L
  • Max . Diameter: 30 cm
  • Min. Diameter: 3 cm

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