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The Altéa arm mower stands out for its original design and offers a hot-rolled boom for the first time in the agricultural range. Particularly well suited to the requirement of local authorities, agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers and landscapers, the Altéa arm mower combines ease of use and efficiency. With a maximum horizontal reach of 5.50 m, this arm mower has a power rating of 55 hp and combined low pressure single-lever control. The Altéa arm mower has a central pivot, a cooling system and a 1.20 m rotor. Lastly, weighing in at 1.3 tonnes, the Altéa arm mower is mounted on a three-point hitch at the rear of a tractor.

  • 60 cm hot-rolled extended boom, i.e. 1.29 m between the jib shaft and the rotor shaft
  • 110° centred pivot
  • Aluminium cooling system positioned opposite the work area
  • Recyclable rotomoulded polyamide tank with baffles
  • 45 mm treated steel shafts, mounted on Teflon rings


Combines the progressive control of a hydraulic system with ease to use.

  • Combined low pressure single-lever proportional control
  • Rotor emergency stop.
  • Hour counter (daily and in total).
  • Electrical start-up of rotor with two-way rotation.
  • Single lever for floating head float position.
  • Indicator light for operation of fan.
  • Overheating indicator light.


Profiled and reinforced

  • Shackles 14 mm in diameter, 60 Forgex Y-flails, as standard
  • Option to fit a brush-cutting rotor with flanges 12 mm in thickness and 28 brush-cutting flails, instead of the universal rotor (optional)

  • 2 or 3 blades, diam. 600, 650 or 700 mm
  • Cutting width of 1.08 to 1.66 m
  • Option to fit dual beds of moving cutters
  • Profiled body made of very robust light alloy, lifetime guarantee
  • Centralised lubrication on main module

  • Hitch triangulation kit (stiffening without chassis)
  • Specific chassis with swivel fitting (adds rigidity to three-point hitch)

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