Bucket Elevator



ALTINBILEK Bucket Elevators ensure upward transport of grain in undamaged and economic way at desired capacity. Its drive unit is at its head section and rocker unit is at its foot section. The standard construction is made of galvanized steel, painted steel and stainless steel on request. The transport is being ensured by means of a plastic or metallic bucket fastened at certain spaces on the high-quality, target-oriented rubber conveyor belt (Towing Organ)

Top head is of bimetallic manufacture. There exist replaceable steel or rubber wear plates at the sections where the grain hits and rubs against inside the top head. Provisions against dust and humidity have been ensured. An observation and maintenance lid for product flow is available.

Drive Unit (Head section); the electric motor consists of a reducer (shaft type) and a drum. Installation and maintenance is easy. The motion generated by the motor is transferred to the reducer by means of a V-Belted pulley. The reducer is directly connected to the drive shaft and it has a reversion lock. The drive shaft has been made of C4140 material and is supported by roller bearings. The pulley is secured on the shaft by means of a key and conical tightening mechanism.

In addition, pulley is covered with rubber material. Thus, the risk of belt slippage and skidding has been eliminated.
100% full capacity operation of the elevator has been ensured.

The feed hopper can be installed on both sides , with cleaning covers on both sides. The tambour of the rocker unit, its shaft (C4140), roller bearings, bearing and shaft panels can be easily removed. The rocker unit (foot section) is manufactured according to capacity and height.

The rocker screws can be moved in parallel with each other. The rocker mechanism with counterweight gets tensioned as the conveyor belt elongates. It does not require any maintenance and control.

The bucket elevator pipes are being manufactured from pipes with sheet metal 2 or 3mm. Maximum pipe length is 4 meters. The standard construction; galvanized steel, painted steel and stainless steel upon request of costumer. The pipes are bolted and assembled with welding.

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