Flour-Bran-Semolina Silos



ALTINBILEK offers solutions to its. ALTINBlLEK offers solutions to its customers with steel silos in order to store flour, bran, semolina etc. granular and powder products. It is manufactured in modules with all bolted combining. Mounting and demounting can be made easily. Modular system is adapted according to customer request. It is designed in demanded sizes and requested capacities. Outside coating, depends on customers demand; Electrostatic powder painted steel Galvanized steel Stainless Steel.

Food grade epoxy painted productions are subjected before painting with special surface operations such as sandblasting.

There is no product build-up or stick to walls of the silo, because of being provided a smooth surface area. It is suitable for vibratory discharging.

With a PLC system, ALTINBiLEK flour silos allow to be made dosaging through a carrier equipment placed under dosaged flour allows to make blending in the mixer.

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