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- Model liquid-S 25/6 - Stabilised Nitrogen Fertilisers



The advantages of the new liquid ALZON S 25/6. The Innovation: Higher nitrogen and sulphur content in ideal proportions:  The high nutrient content saves labour and simplifies logistics, The nitrogen/sulphur ratio is optimal for all crops, The sulphur is immediately available and storable for the plants, adding to the advantages of stabilised fertilization, Higher, better quality yields through proper supply with nitrogen and sulphur, Less work and fewer steps, flexible fertilisation scheduling, Environmentally friendly due to excellent nitrogen efficiency and reduced nutrient loss.

Brand Quality from Piesteritz

  • Excellent plant tolerance through surface tension and a neutral pH value
  • Good storability up to -15°C
  • Cost effective combination with plant protection products possible
  • Guaranteed high quality through strictly controlled production


Fertilising Solution with nitrification inhibitor (a mixture of 1H-1,2,4 triazol and 3-methylpyrazol) and sulphur 25 (+6)

  • 25 % N total nitrogen
    • 11 % N urea nitrogen
    • 5 % N nitrate nitrogen
    • 9 % N ammonium nitrogen
  • 6% S water soluble sulphur

Technical Data

Density (at 20° C): 1,31 g/cm3
pH Value: 6 - 7
Crystallisation Point: - 15° C
Colour: green

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