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- Model M2110 - 6-Row Peanut Combine


Amadas Peanut Combines, with their patented peanut harvesting technology, stand alone as the largest, highest capacity pull-type combines available. The proven performance of the advanced picking and separating technology of these combines has secured Amadas Industries’ position as the leader in the design of innovative large volume, high capacity peanut harvesting technology. The M2110 is the next step in that progression. Amadas Industries remains committed to providing peanut farmers with the highest quality products and to reinforcing our industry leadership position!

  • Optional OCS “Off-Load Conveying System” for increased capacity (10-25%) (not available for 15’3” header)
  • Hydraulically assisted vertical-opening main shields provide easy access to components & Drives!
  • Larger diameter steel stripper for better crop distribution, enhanced separation, & reduced losses!
  • Relocated adjustment points for quicker & more convenient access!
  • Simplified, repositioned, and enhanced drives that improve service life, allow greater access, and
  • increase load carrying capacity!
  • Redesigned four piece main duct for simple, more economical replacement of wear areas!
  • Optional automatic hydraulic bin lip extension and secondary dirt trap!
  • Ladder on left side for more convenient access to basket!

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