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- Amino Acid/Trace Mineral Feed


INNOPLEX is an amino acid/trace mineral chelate that is used to improve animal health, productivity, performance and profitability in all groups of animals. Our INNOPLEX products come in several different amino acid/trace mineral chelate forms:

  • INNOPLEX® Zn100, 10% Zn – amino acid chelate
  • INNOPLEX® Mn100, 10% Mn – amino acid chelate
  • INNOPLEX® Cu100, 10% Cu – amino acid chelate


  • Reduces interaction with other trace minerals in the diet
  • Increases bioavailability and absorption in the GI tract
  • Improves physical and reproductive performance
  • Increases trace mineral status
  • Boosts tissue trace mineral reserves
  • Improves financial return


INNOPLEX should be used in premixes or complete feeds of all animal groups.

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