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AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM PRODUCTS are natural plant bio-stimulators based on free L-amino acids and oligo-peptides of low molecular weight for application via foliar spray or soil application on all crop species and at all development stages. They contain the essential pure and free L-amino acids and oligo-peptides obtained through synthesis.

Since the free L-amino acids of AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products penetrate directly and rapidly into the cells of the plant by their own biochemical means, their absorbtion does not tax the plant's energy and therefore, is independent of chlorophyll activity.

The synthesized L-amino acids and oligo-peptides contained in AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products are free of impurities.
AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products are complemented with macro and/or micro nutrients.

MEBROM's plant bio-stimulators AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM are already registered and developed in more than 20 different countries, which is the proof of the high quality of these products.

What are the effects of AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products?

The well balanced aminogram of AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products help the plant to produce to its best potential and consequently to achieve high yields of improved quality products.


  • stimulate the plant metabolism and activate the protein synthesis,
  • provide the plant with a better resistance against different kinds of stress (wind, frost, diseases, transplant, application of agrochemicals, etc…),
  • help the plant to overcome stress effects,
  • increase the uptake of nutrients.

What are the observed results after applying AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products ?

  • increased yield,
  • increased sugar content, firmness, color, uniformity and calibre of fruits and vegetables,
  • better resistance against stress and diseases,
  • faster recuperation of damaged crops,
  • quicker germination of soaked seeds,
  • better root formation, especially after transplant,
  • increased flower formation and fruit setting.

How are AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products packed?

AMINOFIT & AMINOSTIM products are available in:

  • 0.5L, 1 and 5 Liter bottles
  • 200 Liter drums
  • 1000 Liter IBC

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