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Model Aminoplex Series - Amino Acid Chelates


We bring forth a huge selection of our Aminoplex Series WITH Amino Plex Chelates for Synthetic Edta/Eddha Chelates. This Aminoplex -100 percent water soluble and fortified with Org N-5.5%.

Amino Acid Chelated Minerals:

  • Aminoplex -100 Percent Water Soluble
  • Banking on our enriched industry experience, we are able to offer a wide gamut of Amino Acid Chelates - 100 Percent Water Soluble. AMINOPLEX AF Bio-Nutrients 12

Amino Acid Chelated Minerals fortified with Org N-5.5%

  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Iron 12%
  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Calcium 12%
  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Zinc 12%
  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Copper 12%
  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Mixed Grades containing Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, B, Mo etc.
  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Zn-3%, Cu-1%, Fe-2.5%, Mn-1%, B-0.5%, Mo-0.1%,Org N-5.5%
  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrient Zn-4%, Cu-0.5%, Fe-4%, Mn-3%, B-1.5%, Mo-0.05%,Org N-5.5%

Besides the above mentioned points, this AMINOPLEX Bio-Nutrient is fast acting Mineral based on Amino acid Chelated Minerals for correcting the deficiencies. And because of their high nutrient concentration, excellent solubility and proven efficacy in a wide range of applications.

  • Aminoplex Bio Nutrients™ helps in translocation as well utilization of the nutrients. Thus SmartMins BioNutrients provide a readymade source of amino acids along with minerals & thus helping plants to utilize their energy in different work instead in synthesizing the amino acids form carbon, hydrogen & nitrogen from soil.
  • Aminoplex Bio-Nutrient is the ideal product to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies. Chelation ensures that metallic micronutrients are protected against premature fixation and can be rapidly absorbed and easily translocated within the growing plant.
  • This ensures that AMINOPLEX BioNutrient is more effective than products based on mineral salts and other synthetic EDTA chelates.
  • Aminoplex Bio-Nutrient is a cost effective treatment to safeguard & optimize crop yield.

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