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- Single Disc Drill



Built with Amity Technology’s patented opposing single discs, the Amity Single Disc Drill is field proven in no-till, minimum till and conventional till soil conditions. The hair pinning and sidewall compaction with competitive drills simply does not occur with the Amity Single Disc Drill.

The wide-angled packer wheels shed mud in wet conditions and opposing single discs promote soil warming by disturbing a narrow band of soil between the two discs, providing the benefits of vertical tillage at seeding.


Productivity is possibly the most important thing in your farming operation. The Amity Single Disc Drill seeds in all tillage environments, making it the most efficient drill in the industry. Research on soil health keeps tillage practices changing. The Amity Single Disc Drill keeps up with these changes, seeding soybeans and cereal crops spring or fall in conventional, minimum and no-till environments.

The Amity Single Disc Drill is available in 30, 40, 50 and 60-foot widths, as well as the 30-foot Narrow Transport drill, covering more ground in less time.

With a seeding speed of up to 9 miles per hour, the Amity Single Disc Drill will seed more acres than larger competitive drills. It is the best choice for efficient and accurate seeding of soybeans and all cereal crops spring or fall.


The Single Disc Drill can apply liquid, dry or NH3 fertilizer. It is the most efficient applicator of NH3 because it properly closes the furrow so the NH3 is captured.

Mid-row banders can be added or removed for proper fertility placement. The ease of changing the mid-row banders gives added value at trade in


The Amity Single Disc Drill with precise down pressure gives consistent depth of seed for better stand and more uniform emergence. With the Single Disc Drill, the soil and residue are fractured, lifted and releveled by the packer wheels.

Frame height cylinders control seeding depth. There is no need to crawl through the machine to adjust each individual opener. This on-the-go pressure adjustment and quick seeding depth adjustment make seeding easier.

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