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The removal of fence posts and guardrail especially those mounted in concrete, used to be a difficult task. THE OLD WAY Generally, pulling a post was a dangerous two-person job, a helper to wrap the chain on the post and an operator to run the equipment to pull the post. The chain was held in place by the helper as the operator pulls the chain tight with the bucket. Not only did the chain slip but often the operator couldn't fully see his helper.

  1. Post Clamp Jaws 
    • Post clamp jaw assemblies are adjustable to pull post sizes 1' thru 8' in diameter.
    • Virtually any shape, round, square, T-posts, H post, can be clamped and pulled.
    • Able to grip and pull up to 100 wood or steel posts in an hour.
    • Pulls thousands of posts before requiring replacement parts.
  2. Prevents wear and tear on your loader arms.
  3. Hydraulic valves allow the two (2) pulling cylinders to pull evenly.
  4. The heavy-duty steel assembly pulls at a force of over 17,000lbs without damage to the loader arms.
  5. Post is inserted into the puller from the front, (as opposed to loading the entire unit over the top of the post).
  6. Posts can be removed and replaced while leaving an existing fence intact!
  7. A circular cutout in the base allows the machine to be placed directly on the ground, and not on the concrete that supports the post.
  8. A safety push bar will prevent the post from coming into the operators cab.

Pulling a post with the Lobo is an easy 1-2-3 one-person job!

  1. Align the jaws with the post or guardrail
  2. Activate the Lobo and let it do the work
  3. Finish raising the post and carry to desired location

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