Nviron Biosolutions Inc.

Ammonia Odor Control for Poultry Farms


Nhibits the activity of the enzyme urease that converts Introgen an urea to ammonia.

  • Inhibit the formation of odors-
  • Control odors before and during processing;-
  • Provide odor mitigation during and after processing
  • Environmentally safe: derived from natural plant extract; no chemicals, dyes or fragrances

  • Description : Brown, free-flowing liquid
  • Packaging : 20.37 kg and 208.82kg plastic containers
  • Stability : Stable
  • pH : 6.0 - 7.0 when mixed with water
  • Specific Gravity : 110-120
  • Nutrient Content : Biological nutrients and stimulants
  • Storage and Handling : DO NOT FREEZE! Store in a cool dry location. Do not inhale mists. Avoid excessive skin and eye contact. See MSDS.

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