- 18% Calf Grower (Pellet)



AMPLI-Calf 18% Calf Grower is proven to continue optiomal growth in weight and frame and average daily gain, and to support rumen papillae development. AMPLI-Calf Grower provides all critical needs for helping a healthy weaned calf become a dairy cow with more profit potential by optimizing mamary gland proliferation which results in increased lifetime milk production.

Research proven*

Studies show that at 24 weeks calves fed AMPLI-Calf Grower:

  • Gained 31.8 kg more (17%)
  • Grew 3 cm more in height (3%) and 12 cm more in length (10%)
  • Had beneficial rumen papillae development
  • Had optimized feed-to-gain-ration (3%)

* Based on controlled research at Land O’ Lakes LongView Research Farm, 2010–2011 comparing calves fed the full potential starter program followed by 4.5 kg/head/day of AMPLI-Calf Grower with ad libitum hay from 12 to 24 weeks of age.

FEEDING Directions:

Feed AMPLI-Calf Grower from three to six months of at a rate of 3.0 to 4.5 kg per day with free-choice good quality forage.

Always have free-choice water available for calves. Changes to the feeding program should be made gradually for adaptation to take place. Follow an on-farm feeding program provided by your Masterfeeds Account Manager.

Contains 18% all vegetable protein.
Supplies the appropriate amount of protein level to maintain growth momentum.

High level of digestible energy.
Supplies the appropriate energy required for rapid rumen development and optimum growth rates.

Contains a digestible fiber source.
Stimulates development of the rumen.

Highly fortified with essential minerals and vitamins.
Enhances growth rate and supports the immune system.

Natural palatability enhancer.
Speeds up intake and the transition from milk to dry feed.

Available medicated with Deccox®.
Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Crude Protein (minimum): 18.1%
Crude Fat (minimum): 2.4%
Crude Fibre (maximum): 7.0%
Calcium (actual): 0.7%
Phosphorus (actual): 0.4%
Sodium (actual): 0.24%
Vitamin A (minimum): 13,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D (minimum): 2,600 IU/kg
Vitamin E (minimum): 52 IU/kg

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