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Model AMS-CST-700-800 - Corn Sheller Thresher



Website link: Connect According to the needs of farmers, Amisy has developed the 2013 newest corn peeling and threshing machine which is on hot sale. This corn farming machine is characterized by the easy operation, labor-saving, high yield as well as reliable quality.

Corn De-husker and Thresher Features

  1. Labor-saving: The corn peeling and threshing machine has filled the market gap in the agricultural market. It has released the farmers from the heavy manual labor, changed the traditional peeling way. Also, it has won the trust of people because of the time-saving and labor-saving.
  2. Aationally designed: The entire machine is made of stainless steel with trundles for moving conveniently. The exit parts of the machine have the fan to get out of the waste.
  3. High efficiency: It adjusts according to the size of corn sticks automatically, fitting for all kinds of corn. The depth of threshing could be adjusted. Stripping rate of sweet corn can reach to 100%.
  4. Long life span: Made of stainless steel material and handed by special process. So it is durable and of low malfunction rate.


  1. Only our factory has TECHNOLOGY that was ENTITLED to manufacture it!
  2. If you receive the same machine from other company, they copy our photo, TAKE CARE!
  3. We have lots of PATENT and CERTIFICATE to prove the good quality!

We plant the spirit of “cooperation for mutual benefits”, and sincerely provide you with high quality products and reasonable price which can save you the cost of investment. Look forward to cooperate with you!

Use Precautions

  1. The corn peeling and thresher machine can also be connected with many kinds of motors of both one-phase and three-phase.
  2. During tearing skin, you should try to avoid the vertical feeding, clear up the bract and cluster timely inside and outside of the machine. Otherwise, bract winding shaft would emerge easily which would blocks the outlet.
  3. Inlet is located in front of the machine. Put the dried maize into the feed inlet, the axis of roller to endure stripping, threshing and separation. Maize cleanliness has rare broken rate, less maize kernels in the doping impurities .

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