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Model AMS-RH1.0 - Walking Type Small Rice Harvester



The rubber-wheel type small rice harvester has outstanding advantages at working in dry and flat farmland. The rubber wheel is flexible to move and easy to adjust direction.  The triangular-belt type is a reasonable choice for wet or muddy farm land. The triangle type can ensure a safe and smooth movement in the muddy paddy land and it can also fully show its advantages in rugged paddy field, because the triangle belt design is a great help for keeping balance and stability.

  1. Multi-functional combine harvester with diesel engine: mainly used for rice and wheat reaping and threshing;
  2. Adjustable front cutting header (up and down): available for harvesting crops with different height;
  3. Convenient for farming work: specially suitable for hills and mountains area or the areas where general combine harvester can not enter in;
  4. Suitable for home as well as commercial use;
  5. Relatively simple structure, low maintenance and repair cost;
  6. Two types according to the different soil conditions: the rubber-wheel type rice harvester and the triangular-belt type rice harvester.

Attentions to Operating Combine Rice Harvester Correctly

  1. Donnot start to harvest rice immediately when the machine just start, keep the machine work for 3-5 minutes in unloading condition.
  2. Be sure not to reduce speed by stepping accelerator. In order to keep harvesting quality, you should keep the machine in a strong accelerator, in case to slow down, you can adjust to low gears, while the accelerate should keep in a fixed position.
  3. Please keep the transmission belt and chains in a balanced way, neither too loose nor too tight.
  4. Adjust forward speed according to crops sparsity.
  5. Stop harvesting when you turn a corner in the field.

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