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Model AMS-RH1.1 - Driving Small Rice Harvester


With this driving-type small rice harvester, people can sit on the seat in the back of the machine and harvest by bag for collecting rice and wheat grains. We have tested the machine with KUBOTA harvester machine together and they have similar efficiency, crushing rate, loss rate; the difference is capacity, KUBOTA is designed for large scale harvesting, while this mini harvester is exclusive in small land rice harvesting.

Driving-type Small Rice Harvester Features

  1. This diesel engine rice harvester integrates the functions of reaping and threshing;
  2. There is a seat in the back of the machine, so operator can sit to drive;
  3. Made of high quality steel, sturdy and durable; compact design and structure, safe to operate with high legerity and climbing ability
  4. High threshing rate and low seeds losing rate with reasonable price;
  5. Wide applicability, suitable for mountainous areas, hills and muddy farmland;
  6. This driving-type small rice harvester has two types tyre: the rubber wheel tyre for dry land harvesting and the iron wheel tyre for paddy field and muddy land harvesting.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Rice Harvester

  1. First is to consider the local suitability.
  2. Second is the economic return from investment.
  3. Third is the power compatibility.
  4. Last but not least is the Quality and Service. You should choose company with mature technology and professional service team

Small Rice Combine Harvester Market Prospect
The small rice combine harvester has the features of small size, light weight, high efficiency, convenient operation, low investment and freely working in dry land, paddy field and muddy land. It is the ideal equipment for hills and mountainous area rice harvesting, so definitely this harvester enjoys a wide market prospect.

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