- Model SSHI - Fish Feed Mixer

The Working Process of Fish Feed Mixer The whole machine consists of driving parts, agitator and twin U-shape cylinder. The driving part is the part through which the decelerator drives the agitator to run with lines of chain or gear driving. Agitator is two shaft paddles, and the paddles run at the same speed. The paddles on the the shaft arranged with a special angle to make sure the materials can get a compound effect in a short time. The Features of Double Paddle Fish Feed Mixer 1. It is suitable for mixing powdery, granular, flaky and blocky materials in feed, food, chemicals, fertilizer and other industries. 2. This feed mixer has fast mixing speed. The mixing period between 30~120 seconds. 3. Double paddle mixer has high mixing uniformity. CV ≦5% with no segregation. 4. The mixing process is mild. And the loading quantity has a large variable range.(0.4-1) 5. The discharging adopt full base type large opening door with electric or pneumatic power, so the discharging is fast wi

A. Drive Advantages

Belt drive and cycloid reducer can fully protect transmission parts .

B. Flexible Dismounting

The main axis of ribbon is connected with drive axis by flange which ensure a flexible and convenient dismounting. U shape cylinder and two ends plate are perfectly welded, reducing residue.

C. Discharging Method

Adopting pneumatic flap valve which ensures no leakage during frequency on-and-off.

D. Jacket Design(Optional)

You can add jacket on the cylinder according to requirement. By adding cold or hot media to achieve cooling or heating effects.

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