- Model SWDB - Feed Pellet Stabilizer

Feed Pellet Stabilizer Introduction The machine is mainly used after the pelleting step of feed pellets manufacturing process. The pellet that just comes out from pellet mill with temperature as high as 70~90 ℃ can be kept in the stabilizer bin for a certain time so as to improve the internal texture and nutritive composition of pellets and enhance their ripening degree and water stability. For industrial production of special aquatic feed and high grade feed for domestic animals, our feed pellet stabilizer is indispensable equipment. Superiorities of Feed Pellet Stabilizer 1. Optimized arrangement of internal steam line, good performance of tank heat preservation. 2. Equipped with oil cylinder drive and turnover type discharge mechanism, no material leakage, no noise and with good durability. 3. The damped rotation type level indicator controls material discharging, which features reliable working and no manual needs. 4. All the component parts contacting materials are made of sta

It is applicable for the production of special aquatic feed like shrimp feed and high-grade poultry and livestock pellet feed in various feed factories, feed processing enterprises, fish farms, shrimp farms, etc. 
Remarkably improve the pellets stability in water and enhance the pellets ripening degree.

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