- Model 42 - Biological Soil Fungicide



AmyProtec 42 is a biological soil fungicide, containing the rhizosphere (rooting zone) colonizing bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.The bacteria create a “disease-inhibiting protective shield”.  Thus preventively applied AmyProtec 42 can efficiently suppress soil borne pathogens. Due to a versatile mode of action and flexible miscibility is AmyProtec 42 the perfect product for integrated plant protection programs.

Mode of action Induction of systemic resistance and displacement of soil borne pathogens like Rhizoctonia spp.
Active ingredient Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42
Formulation type Suspension concentrate
Concentration > 2.5 × 1010 spores/ml
Standard dosage 0.5–2 l/ha depending on crop and application method
Crops Wide range of crops
Application methods Seed treatment; drenching; soil- spraying; injection into hydroponics; in combination with agrochemical etc.

  • Protects the plant against soil borne pathogens
  • Highly concentrated product
  • Improved tolerance toward biotic (pathogens) and abiotic (salinity, drought, water) stress
  • Well mixable with fertilizers and plant protection products
  • Increases in combination with conventional seed treatments their efficacy
  • Avoids resistances in combined programs with conventional fungicides
  • Easy to store and apply
  • Fully compatible with organic and residue free production
  • Improves root growth and nutrient mobilization

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