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- Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment Containing



A Flowable concentrate for seed treatment containing 200g/l carboxin and 200g/l thiram. For control of various seed borne diseases of winter and spring wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale.

  • Anchor can be applied through most seed treatment machines, both batch and continuous types, where secondary mixing is provided
  • Machines should be calibrated to apply the recommended rate and this should be distributed evenly  between the seeds with good coverage to provide optimum disease control
  • Co-application of an equal volume of water with Anchor is likely to improve the evenness of coverage of  treated seed
  • After application, machinery and pipelines should be washed with clean water
  • For the latest information on compatibility (co-application) with other seed treatments contact Certis Europe UK
  • Flow of Anchor treated seed through seed drills may be affected relative to untreated seed
  • Always recalibrate seed drills before sowing treated seed

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