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- Lawn Sand With High Iron

Lawn sand is traditionally used in Spring and Autumn to improve the health of the grass and give it a healthy green colour. The iron content of the fertiliser is essential for the production of chlorophyll within the plant. Lawn sand is often used where moss is prevalent and where eradication is required.

  • Please note that our product goes further than many lawn sands on the market as it contains much more Iron than our competitors' products.
  • Our lawn sand is used by many professional green keepers in golf courses and bowling green's around the country. They choose our product because it works and goes further; thus saving them time and money. Our product contains 7% Fe [Iron]. Many on the market contain 1.5% Fe or less!
  • Rate of application: 60g/m². A 20kg bag treats 166m².
  • We recommend using Lawn Sand as your first lawn treatment of the year followed by our Spring Rise Lawn Food.

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